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Weekend Fun, Part 4

Each of the students have shared a bit about their weekends. As we head to Granada on Monday and Tuesday, please enjoy the posts from the weekend!

Morgan M:

This Saturday, I spent time with Meg & Isa and Carolyn & Ana. In Jerez, we walked around the different shops and stopped to get churros and chocolate, which were excellent. During this trip to Jerez, I got closer with the Laude girls and bonded with Meg and Carolyn. I had an amazing night with all of them!

Morgan’s favorite part of town is the beach near her host family’s home. Walking along the beach is a regular occurrence.

Meg and Isa slept over and the next day we all had breakfast and watched cooking shows. Once they left, I went to lunch with Lucia and her mom. As we ate burgers, we talked about the differences between American and Spanish foods. I really enjoyed our afternoon together.

Caroline M:

Today, my host family and I explored Cádiz. We stopped at a local tetería (tea house).

Teterías are common in this part of Spain, where the culture is heavily influenced by its Arabic history and Islamic heritage.

The colorful walls were lit by small, intricate lamps, creating an intimate ambience. We sat on low, cushioned chairs around a round mosaic table.

The drinks were served in individual tea pots, and then Caroline and her host family poured the tea into even tinier cups.

Here, while sipping aromatic teas in the dimly lit, bohemian environment, I felt like I had been transported to a magical place.

Weekend Fun, Part 3

Each of the students have shared a bit about their weekends. As we head to Granada on Monday and Tuesday, please enjoy the posts from the weekend!

Avery M:

This weekend my host family and I went to a town in the mountains called Zahra, which was beautiful. We walked around the town for a while and had lunch at a place called Bar Josefi. We had deer meatballs as an appetizer, and I was a little nervous to try them, but they actually tasted really good!

Avery saw a rare endangered species of evergreen trees called the Spanish Fir or the abies pinsapo. The trees are only located in this mountainous area of Spain and northern Morocco. They are considered the Andalusian national tree.

We then went hiking to a castle in the area and the views were amazing. Driving around the mountains and looking down into neighboring towns was picture perfect!

Grace B:

One of the things I did with my host family this weekend was drive to Arcos de la Frontera.

As Grace walked around the town of Arcos, she was able to take in many panoramic views from the hillsides.

It is a beautiful town with an amazing view. There is a huge castle that I learned is over two hundred years older than the United States!

Julia T:

I was ready to take it easy by Friday, but my host family still made it such a fun night. I spent the night with my host mom’s friends, and we walked around Lebrija through the shops and churches, and sat at a cafe for churros with hot chocolate. They both got tea, not hot chocolate, and that’s when I found out they were also lactose intolerant! All 3 of us!

I slept in on Saturday and Carmen and I stayed in watching shows and eating lots of food until we headed to the Jerez mall with her parents! The sales, or rebajas, were crazy, and the mall was completely packed with people which made me enjoy the trip even more.

Carmen asked Julia to do a photo shoot and then then said that she wanted her to come back to visit this summer! Carmen’s parents captured the moment.

On Sunday, Carmen and I met up with one of her friends and we walked around Lebrija to take pictures and have fun. We then all came back to the house and ate paella with her family. I had a very enjoyable weekend and I got to meet new people and build a closer bond with Carmen!!