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Jerez – Day 1

Today was our first full day at Laude El Altillo and after a brief check in with Oscar and Michelle, the students headed to class with their host sisters. The MPS students shared that the Laude teachers and students are keeping them fully included in class and throughout the day.

We ended the day with a cooking workshop and we made churros with the head chef from Laude!

Today Daria and Julia reflected on their experience so far:

Daria – When we first arrived at school, I did not realize how a couple of factors could so quickly alter what school is like.  First off, the school begins at pre-school and runs through 12th grade which is a big difference from Porter’s. Also there are two recesses a day in which everyone goes outside and either chats or plays sports.  Although we have community time at Porter’s, it is nothing like the recess that we have at Laude. I have noticed that there is no passing time between classes and being a little late is not an issue. I’ve also noticed how the classes are taught in more of a lecture style instead of interactive work and group work.  So far my experience has been great. It has taught me about the different teaching styles and about what school is like away from Porters.

Julia –


After being in Spain for 1 day now, many things have stood out to me. When we arrived I was expecting a busy airport, similar to JFL. Instead we had a different experience when we got off the plane outdoors, it was so cool! I really enjoyed getting to see my host sister and meeting her family. Since we live very close to the school, we are able to walk and we walk under the countless rows of orange trees. For our snack throughout the day we take an orange and put it in our bags. Overall my personal experience has been great, when first arriving I was hesitant with trying to speak spanish if fear of getting laughed at but now after some time I am already feeling confident with some things in spanish.

Some similarities from Laude that occur back home is the material that they are learning, while sitting in on some classes, we quickly realized that we were learning the same things in school around the same time.

Once we sleep off the jetlag, all of us will soon be fully speaking spanish!

Making churros

Hard at work making sure they’re cooked!

Now we get to eat them! So delicious!