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Seville – Day 3

Today we went to Seville with our host sisters and their history teacher, Roberto, who taught us all about the city and its past. The weather was perfect and the sights were magnificent!

Charlotte and Juliana share about their reactions to Seville:

Going to Sevilla was the highlight of my trip so far. In my opinion, it was as fascinating as New
York City without all of the crowds and trash. In Sevilla, there are several beautiful places to see
and learn about (and take some amazing pictures of). What better way to see it all then a horse
drawn carriage ride? Most places in America, if you were to take a horse guided tour, you are
bound to see very modern buildings for the most part. But while riding around town, we saw
beautiful ancient gardens, a palace, a cathedral, and more. After the ride, we decided to walk
around to find a place to eat. I was very surprised to see a lot of places that I recognize, such as
Burger King, Dunkin Donuts (not only America runs on Dunkin), and Starbucks. But with careful
consideration, we decided to skip lunch and go straight to the dessert. We got beautiful flowers
made of Gelato with a macaroon on top. It was by far the best I had ever had. I’ve had gelato in
the states before but I was never really a fan, but now that I’ve had the real deal I’m sold. I’m
grateful I get the chance to soon have more experiences in Grenda, Cadiz, and Jerez.

Juliana – Today we went to Seville, and it was awesome! We were able to see a lot of beautiful buildings, and we saw a palace, and we ate really good gelato today. I noticed how all of the architecture was very detailed, either the way the cement was shaped, or the paint that was put on it. During the whole day I was so amazed by everything. There was a gigantic fountain in the middle of La Plaza de España. Some things that reminded me of home were:
-The way people walk around streets, especially in NYC! People just walk where they please.
-Almost every road has a bike lane. They even have “horse lanes” for the carriages!
-The city is different because there aren’t that many tall building for businesses and such, they are primarily just apartments above the café or restaurant.
The architecture is very different than home, and people also seem to be more aware of everything around them instead of rushing around with headphones in and being on their phone. People here take the time to look around. I don’t really notice that back home! Seville was so nice! I am so fortunate to have gone!

Learning about and appreciating Seville!

Soaking up the sun!


Catedral de Santa María de la Sede