Reflection on the classes at El Altillo

Sarah T. – So far the classes are quite similar in the way that they have consecutive classes while breaking them up during the day. Classes start at 9, and school ends at 5. The classes are shorter than what we are used to, one hour each. There are no passing times between classes since it’s all in the same building but tardiness isn’t penalized in this school, rather, the students make the effort to arrive to class in a timely manner as much as possible. It’s a pretty big school, ranging pre-k to 12th grades. The grades aren’t divided rather they share the same building. Talking about the classes, Laude has the mostly the same content in their courses, using IB as an advanced course, similar to our AP ones. Similarly like our schedule now, they alternate courses day to day. They also take required courses like chemistry, biology, and physics…all at the same time. Wow. However, instead of requiring taking one language course, they take two, both English and French. My host student told me that the little kids are now starting to learn both languages.

Alex – After attending classes at Laude for three days now, I have had some time to reflect on what I have observed. I have found that certain expectations at Laude are much different than at Porter’s. The classes are more relaxed, but follow a more of a lecture style. At the same time, many of the things the Laude students are learning are the same as what we learn at Porter’s. I have met many of the younger students at the school during recess time, and they have been very welcoming. Most students that I have met know English very well, and most are learning French as a third language. The social atmosphere is similar to that of Porter’s, from what I have experienced. There are smaller friend groups, though students are well acquainted with most of their peers. I look forward to new learning and experiences next week!

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