Week 1 Reflections

Delaney – The first week was a challenge, getting used to an entire different culture is not easy. In the beginning of the week I was very nervous and a little scared. By the end of the week those feelings had decreased and I feel a little more connected and immersed in the spanish culture.

Ashley – The week was full of laughs and discoveries of how connected the world really is. Every where I looked I saw shirts with writing in English and some of the same stories, ads, and movies that we have in America.

Kelly – The first week was amazing and I enjoyed becoming more connected with my host family!

Linda – This week has been absolutely amazing. From going to school and blending in, to talking to my host family for hours, I really couldn’t ask for a better experience!

Aanya – During this first great week in Spain, I strived to become more connected with my group and the Spanish culture in order to experience new things that I would never do if I were here alone.

Alex – The first week I practiced facing obstacles by thinking outside of the box to deal with things such as language barriers, physical and emotional wellness, and socializing with new people.

Charlotte – I learned that the only way to get through some challenges outside of one’s comfort zone is by sticking with the people who understand how you feel.

Elle – I feel connected the Laude community because everyone was welcoming and open-minded.

Audrey – My first week in Spain was amazing! I connected immediately with my host student Lucia and her family as well as enjoying the culture, language and especially the food!

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