Daily Archives: January 15, 2019

Granada – Alhambra Visit

Today we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel before heading further up into the mountains to visit the Alhambra and learn all about its rich history. We went on a three hour guided tour so we definitely reached our steps goal while gaining knowledge! Spain IM took over the Miss Porter’s Instagram story feed today so check that out as well!

Meg – After an amazing weekend, the Miss Porter’s group left Jerez and traveled overnight to Granada. Monday, everyone broke into small groups after settling into the hotel to explore the city. My friends and I stopped at a small cafe before exploring the Cathedral of Granada. The Cathedral was filled to the brim with golden artifacts. The following day, the Miss Porter’s group reunited to visit the Alhambra. Walking about 9,000 steps, the 19 of us learned about the intense history of the Alhambra. Who would have guessed the most important part of the Alhambra was the intricate water system? The architecture of the palaces was breathtaking, but nothing beat the view overlooking the entire city! Spending all day out in the sun made the bus ride back to Jerez the perfect nap.

Delaney – Today we went to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. It was a very beautiful palace. The palace contains water streams that flow all through the palace. It was amazing to walk through the gardens and see all of the water flowing through. We also went to a few of the palaces within the palace which were all stunning. The architecture of the buildings was so precise and beautiful. I had a nice time walking through and taking in all of the beautiful architecture that was before me. Also, the view from the top of the mountains was AMAZING!!

Elle – We experienced Granada as travelers and tourists. On the first day, we had free time to explore Granada on our own. We relied on our instincts and walked to wherever! I had a good time taking photos, watching people, and shopping at unique Spanish boutiques. We were there for six hours but it went by very quickly. The next day we toured the Alhambra. The palace was grand and beautiful. Thanks to our tour guide, Beatriz, we learned a lot of facts about the Alhambra in both English and Spanish. Fun fact! Granada is Pomegranate in Spanish. The two days were amazing and I really did not want to leave but I am excited to go back to school tomorrow 🙂