Jerez – Excursion and Padel

Today we headed out into the center of Jerez with Concha, a teacher from Laude, to explore. We saw the Alcázar and went to a Bodega (Winery) to learn about the history of Sherry Wine, which southern Spain is famous for. The students had some free time before heading to school for lunch and a Padel lesson.

Julia – Today was so much fun! We started the day off by visiting the center of Jerez, there we saw many historical monuments and various water fountains. I have noticed that there are so many fountains and statues because instead of having traffic lights, they have round-abouts. There in the center of the round-about is the statue or other monument. We then made our way over to a vineyard where we went on a train tour, walking tour, and a sample of the grape juice. It was beautiful with all the architecture and plants. The plants here are always looking full because of the warmer weather never fully getting too cold for plants to continue growing. While walking around Jerez my friends and I stopped at an authentic bakery where we got baguettes and donuts for only 3 euros! They were delicious.  After our trip around Jerez we went back to school and got to opportunity to play a sport here in Spain called ,” Padel,” this game is very similar to tennis and squash. It is played on a court a little smaller than a tennis court but still enclosed similar to squash. We all had so much fun learning and playing the sport and wish that we could all play again another day. Today was a very busy day and I am looking forward to our trip to Cádiz tomorrow!

Daria – Today we explored the city of Jerez.  We got to see the architecture, the market, the streets of Jerez and also the famous winery.  On our wine tour we got to see the barrels in which the wine is stored and also learned about the wine making process.  We saw the different types of wine that are made at the winery and even got to take a train ride around. During our free time I walked the streets of Jerez and went to a cafe to grab a Spanish donut.  Finally we got to see the Market in Jerez. The market contained everything from fresh fish to fruit to clothes. It was completely different from the typical grocery store that I would visit. Overall this excursion taught me alot about the city we go to school in and gave significance to the city as well.

Tasting the grape juice – very sweet!



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