En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques, ni de tu familia te apartes


Today we had a packed schedule! We went to our host student’s classes and then experienced a workshop with our host students led by Porter’s very own, Sam Ahn. In the workshop, we learned about app development. After school, Micaela and I had a snack and hung out. I’ve introduced her to one of my favorite shows, Love Island UK! We love comparing our different experiences with the Spanish language ( I am Puerto Rican, she is Peruvian, we are in Spain!), practicing our British accents (after watching Love Island UK), and cracking jokes. I have almost gotten used to wearing a skirt to school every day as the girls do at SEK El Castillo. I think I look quite cute in my uniform! I am looking forward to getting to explore more of Spain outside the school setting on our excursions to Ávila, Salamanca y Toledo.  


Today was so fun! I was in the same classes as Mariela so it was nice to get to talk with her about her experience so far. In addition to getting to observe some of the SEK classes, we got to spend the afternoon with our host students in a Porter’s design workshop! For a certain contest, my group won with a prototype we used to portray our idea for a product. It was really fun to collaborate with each other and apply the skills we learn at Porter’s in different places. When we got home, Sam and I were so tired we decided to spend the evening with our host student playing card games and eating fuet (a Spanish cured meat that is soooooo good!). I am really looking forward to the rest of the week and for excursions!

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