El miércoles, es un gran día para planear tu jueves y viernes.


To begin the day, two other Porter’s girls and I went to biology and math class at SEK El Castillo! These classes were so interesting to spectate, as they are much different from Porter’s.  It was fun to follow along because all three of us have taken biology and the level of math taught in the class.  We also had some really nice conversations with some of the students, sharing experiences from our schools.  Later, we joined our host students and the rest of the Porter’s group for a workshop led by teachers from Porter’s, Sam Ahn and Kathryn Simison.  We helped our host students form a solution to a global problem that is also personal to them.  My host student and I thought of ideas to prevent the waste and consumption of plastic bags.  After this, our host students gave an elevator pitch about their solutions.  In the midst of all of this innovative thinking, we were able to play a few fun games of Pictionary and Hangman.  To end the day, we did an exercise where each person shared something nice about someone else in the group.  Everyone was so uplifting and kind! This was our last school day at SEK El Castillo.  I am so excited to explore and travel more around Spain!   


For today, it was our last school day for the rest of the trip. During school, most of us attended classes such as biology, lengua, history and much more. (Lots of them were doing their final exams or projects.) We weren’t with our host students for this part, but then when we attended the workshop they were at, we hung out with them. At this workshop, we helped them write and present their elevator pitches. (Before this, they’d been working on finding a problem and putting forth their own solutions, then applying a business aspect to it.) Now, back at our host students’ house, at least for me, we’re doing a homework assignment on a famous Spanish saint before our trip, and watching some more Harry Potter! (Hopefully, we can watch a famous Spanish series called Money Heist before we leave as well.)

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