Quod natura non dat, Salmantica non præstat

Oscar Rollán:

Before I add the texts from our students I just want to say that this trip to Salamanca has been quite special to me. Not only I had the opportunity to show the students my hometown: the places where I studied and I used to go, the history and beauty of this city. But personally, to me, it was great that the group got to know one of my brothers and also my dad, the real señor Rollán. My mom could not make it because she was not feeling well, but at least my dad met the students for a bit. And that to me, was quite special.

Walking on a Roman bridge


To start off Kaitlin and I woke up and got dressed and went to our other friends’ room.  We then met up with the group downstairs in the lobby and went to breakfast. Señor Rollán took us on a tour of Salamanca which was so awesome! We got to see the Casa de la Conchas which was so beautiful, and we also went inside two cathedrals, the old one and the new one. Yes, Salamanca is so special that it has two cathedrals. We climbed several stairs and went up to the top of the bell tower! After that we had free time so my group and I went to lunch. We then walked around Salamanca and went to different stores which was so fun! After that, we met up with the teachers because it was time to leave, which I was bummed about because I loved Salamanca!  After that we went home with our host families.

The Old Cathedral
Altarpiece in the Old Cathedral
The organ in the New Cathedral


We spent most of our day in Salamanca. Oscar was able to give us an insider tour of the city and took us to all of his favorite places. Some of the coolest places we went were to the top of the cathedral and inside the historical Universidad de Salamanca (both Robi and Oscar attended!) After a three-hour bus ride and a quality siesta, we arrived back in Madrid and ate dinner at Vips. I love being around our group and catching up with our host students was a lot of fun.

The group with the statue of Lazarillo de Tormes. After reading the book, it was great to be at the place where the story took place in 1550!!
At the top of the Old Cathedral
There is an astronaut in the New Cathedral
Students at the Universidad de Salamanca
And professors 🙂

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