“Salamanca, que enhechiza a voluntad de volver a ella a todos los que la apacibilidad de su vivienda han gustado.” Miguel de Cervantes


As for today, we came to Salamanca! We first stopped by Avila, went around and inside a beautiful palace and the walls. One thing that I found interesting was the Braille — a system that uses combinations of raised dots to spell letters and numbers — and the model of the architectures that were written or presented on almost every description plates. I found it so considerate and creative because I never saw a tourist place with the Braille system on consistent use. 
After visiting the walls, which had so many steep stairs which Robi and all of us had trouble with, we came back to the bus and headed to Salamanca. When we arrived, we first checked into the hotel and I started researching places around our hotel so that my partner — Jolie — and I could have some food. We ended up going to a restaurant nearby with other members of our SEK IM group, which was very nice!! 

At the top of the medieval wall!!

We then wandered around the city, took bunch of photos, and started shopping. Many of us bought souvenirs from the Salamanca University. I bought two hoodies and customized them: one with my name and the other with my friends name on it for gift. It was then close to our meeting time, so all of us headed towards the plaza where we planned to meet. 
To be frank, the plaza with the lights on at night was the most beautiful and dazzling view ever. Oscar, our best tour guide, then helped us learn more about the city and the historical significance of certain buildings around the plaza. I am super excited for tomorrow and for the remaining few days in Spain!!!

Christine Park


Today we went to Avila and Salamanca! The bus ride from school to Avila was around an hour and most of us slept on the ride. At Avila, we visited the palace and climbed up one of the towers of the walls. My favorite part was when the tour guide told us a story. The men left the walls to fight, so the old, women, and children were left inside the walls. An army attacked Avila thinking that there wouldn’t be anyone there. To scare them off, women and children were dressed in armor and carried torches and were stationed outside the walls to show a powerful army. They successfully managed to intimidate them. In Salamanca, my friends and I ate near the hotel and tried out some new foods. Then, we went shopping for clothes and I bought a University of Salamanca sweatshirt. At night we met at the Plaza Mayor and walked to the University of Salamanca for a tour with Señor Rollán. The tour was fun and informative and we spotted a frog and an astronaut hidden on building decorations. After that our group split up again for dinner and my friends and I had pizza and hamburgers! The pizza had a lot of cheese and it was really good but too much for me to handle. Overall it was an enjoyable day 🙂 

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