Daily Archives: January 19, 2020

El que cada día va bien, el domingo no tiene que poner.

At the Santiago Bernabeu, home of Real Madrid!


This weekend was packed with all sorts of fun activities!  On Saturday, I went to a soccer game (Real Madrid vs. Sevilla) with my host student at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, which is home to Real Madrid.  This was not like any soccer game I have ever been to.  The moment I walked into the stadium I could hear the crowd’s excitement and cheers.  The soccer players looked like robots because of how smoothly all of the plays went.  Towards the end of the game, everything became really intense since the score was tied, but when Real Madrid beautifully made a goal, the crowd was at its loudest.  It was truly an amazing experience to be at the game.  For dinner on Saturday, we went to the oldest Korean restaurant in Madrid, it was so good!  Sunday, I went to a Spanish restaurant for lunch with my host family.  The bread and olive oil were so yummy and the huevos estrellados with jamón was also very tasty.  After lunch, my host student and I went to Museo Nacional del Prado.  There is so much history within the art at El Prado that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  The paintings are so much different than the paintings I have seen in American art museums.  Many paintings dating back to the 1400s which is unbelievable, seeing that they are in amazing condition.  I did not even get through half of the museum within the 3 hours we were there because of how detailed each painting was.  Everything single piece of art had its own unique story.  My host student and I then went to meet the rest of the Porter’s group with their host students for an escape room.  We all worked together to finish the room eight minutes before time ran out!  To end the day my host student and I ate dinner with another host student pair at an Italian restaurant.  This weekend was so fun, I could not have had a better experience!   


Today was much like our first day back in that we relaxed all day. Ava and I made our own breakfast and hung out with our host family. We played games like memory and some other cards games as well. The other girls had planned an escape room but since we couldn’t go, we watched some movies instead. By the end of the day, our host parents bought us some churros for dinner! 


Ni sábado sin sol, ni moza sin amor, ni viejo sin dolor


Today was so fun! Sam and I got to sleep in because we were so tired, but when we woke up we had a full meal with the whole family and it was really nice to catch up with them after having so much fun in Avila and Salamanca. Sam shared the candy she brought home from Salamanca which was so good! Later in the day (after our movie-siesta) we went to a shopping center and walked around, went bowling, and had dinner with Mariela and her host student. I can’t believe we only have 3 days left in Spain! I am really looking forward to next weeks’ excursions.

Going for the triple-double!


Today Micaela and I woke up, painted our nails, and watched (you guessed it) Love Island UK! I couldn’t decide between pink or blue or white so I did each nail half pink half blue with a white stripe in the middle. Next, we met up with Julia, Sam, and Ava to shop, go bowling, and eat dinner. I’m having so much fun and getting lots of practice speaking Spanish in restaurants and stores. I got some cool pink glasses that make me look like Bad Bunny and a sparkly belt. I think Europe is making me more fashion-forward. As the Porter’s mission statement says, I am bold and resourceful and all that. 

Spain fashionable!