“Vamos a la gran Toledo, que, en nombrándola, no puedo ni tengo más que decir. Gente noble, entendimientos raros, damas siempre hermosas.” Lope de Vega


Today we went to Toledo and went on a tour of the city! Although it was a beautiful place, I would have liked it better if the weather was better. It was very windy and it suddenly snowed at the very beginning of the tour. 
However, the trip was still quite fun! One thing I thought was super cool, are the watermarks! Watermarks are symbols on the corner of buildings with wells or any rain storage just in case there was a fire that needed to be put out. I thought this was a very innovative and a smart way to differentiate between buildings with or without wells. 
After the short tour, we split up as a group and went out on our own paths. I was with five other students from this IM group. We went to many different shops for the short free time. We then searched for a place to eat lunch, which took us longer than we expected. 
It was a short excursion, with not-so-good weather, but it was one of the most interesting trips!!

Catedral de Toledo
Snowing in Toledo. And that is unusual.
Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz
Some very narrow streets in the Jewish quarter!


We visited Toledo today. We began our tour at the Zocodover plaza, which was named after the Arabic word for “Market of Beasts” because of the animals sold there back then. On the tour, we heard lots of legends. The tour guide told us the tale of a tailor who pricked herself deeply and was unable to continue sewing. She then went to the cathedral to pray and gave the sewing needle to the church. Not long after, she met a good man and they married and lived happily together. When the tour finished, my friends and I explored the city and went inside many shops but didn’t buy anything. Sam was interested in daggers and swords and Anoushka really liked frogs. We ate chicken fingers and smoked salmon for lunch then met at the Zocodover plaza to go back to school. At night, I went to a sushi restaurant with my host sister because it was her birthday!

Entrance to the Jewish quarter in Toledo
Sinagoga Santa María la Blanca

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