“Cuando la muerte venga a visitarme, no me despiertes, déjame dormir. Aquí he vivido, aquí quiero quedarme. Pongamos que hablo de Madrid.” Joaquín Sabina


First, we ate breakfast and talked with the president of the SEK schools as well as student representatives from all over the SEK schools. Waiting outside the Prado was a little frustrating and made us tired. Oscar showed us some of the most important exhibits and taught us about the historical significance and possible interpretations of the artwork. My favorite artists that we viewed were Velázquez, Goya, and El Greco. Although I wish we could have wandered by ourselves, I came out of the museum feeling inspired and grateful. Afterward, we spent some time shopping and walking around Gran Vía. 

With Nieves Segovia Bonet, president of the SEK schools


To start off today I woke up and took the bus to get to school with my host student Laura.  When we got there we met up with our Porter’s group and went to go meet the president of the school! She was really nice and we also got to talk to other kids from other schools!  Christine and I got to talk to two girls who each spoke four different languages! After that, we got on the bus and headed to the Prado museum in Madrid. We had to wait outside for about half an hour because we couldn’t get in, but we eventually got in and it was so cool!  Señor Rollán explained all the different artwork and then we took a bus tour. After the bus tour, we got free time and I went to different stores with my friends. After that, we came back to school and went home with our host students. Today was a very fun day! 

Palacio Real

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