On our way to Farmington

We’re slowly making our way to Farmington and look forward to seeing family and friends.

Our ETA as of now is 12:45, you can follow our live location here https://maps.app.goo.gl/BiKrRvnN6hTdacEj2

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The Vietnam group has landed in Boston!

The Vietnam group has landed in Boston! They will work their way through baggage claim and customs then onto the bus back to Farmington. I will let you know what their ETA in Farmington will be once they are on the bus.

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The group landed in Hong Kong overnight, changed planes and are on their way to Boston!

The group had an easy flight to Hong Kong from Hanoi and transferred to their Cathay Pacific flight #812 to Boston. Everyone was sad to leave their new friends in Hanoi but excited to get home. They are currently en route to Boston Logan International Airport and scheduled to land at 8:55 pm EST this evening (Saturday). I will update you when they land.

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And wheels are up and the Vietnam group is on their way to Hong Kong!

After lots of hugs and tearful goodbyes with their host families, the group is finally in air and en route to Hong Kong on Cathay Dragon flight #296. They are due to arrive on time at 2:00 pm local time tomorrow (Saturday) morning. They are scheduled to depart Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific flight #812 at 6:05 pm local time and arrive at Boston Logan International Airport at 8:55 pm EST tomorrow.

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Day 12 Reflection

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Our Last Day at TOS. Good Bye Hanoi!

Today it was our last day at The Olympia Schools. Time to say goodbye to our new friends. They have opened their school community, their homes and their lives to us for the past two weeks and we are extremely grateful for the experience. We hope that we have also been good ambassadors in this beautiful land.

Today before our farewell we still had time to do some group reflection, to learn how to cook some Vietnamese food, to participate in school club activities and to play with the kindergartners again.

As we look back at the past two weeks we realize the incredible experience we have just lived. Not only have we become more familiar with a new and special country, but we have also had first hand connection with its life, its landscape, its identity and, most importantly, with its people.

Thanks for everything! We hope to be back soon!

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Enjoying our stay to the fullest

As we approach the final days of our time in Hanoi we want to make sure we take the best advantage of this incredible opportunity. It would be easy to start thinking about the return, but we prefer to stay in the moment and enjoy the last hours of our stay in Vietnam.

Today we learned the personal pronouns, numbers, and bargaining vocabulary in our Vietnamese class. We also attended Chemistry class, we tried on traditional attires and for a special treat we helped out with the English class for Kindergarten. We sang songs, taught crafts and played outside with the cutest little ones from the Olympia Schools.

Finally we had a little goodbye gathering with our families and faculty and administrators from the school. It was a great opportunity to say thank you and goodbye to this community that has welcomed us with open hearts.

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Reflection Day 10

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Traditional Vietnam


Our friends at The Olympia Schools provided for us an experience of the traditional Vietnam. As soon as we arrived to school this morning we boarded two buses for a trip to the countryside. We drove alongside rice fields for about an hour to arrive to the small town of Phuong Trung. We followed the narrow streets of the town and visited a traditional house where we were welcomed with some tea. There we learned the process of making the traditional conical hat. We had a chance to practice hands on all parts of the process and we finished our own hats to bring with us. It was a very fun experience.

Afterwards we drove to the Experiential Center of Nha Dieu. This center is an educational facility affiliated with The Olympia Schools where students connect Vietnamese traditions, art, and history with other disciplines such as economics or biology. Today we had a traditional Vietnamese meal and then we practiced traditional puppet making and printmaking.

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Reflection: Day 8

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